• How can I go to Mulu?

    The only way to go to Mulu at the moment is via flight from Miri, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu. Flight can be booked from

  • Can I have a reference on what to expect for the climb?

    You can refer our guest's writeup on her pinnacles climb here: The Complete Guide To Climbing Sarawak’s Mulu Pinnacles

  • What mobile network can be used in Mulu?

    Celcom, Digi, Maxis and TuneTalk has network coverage in Mulu. However, please take note that the networks might not work at some places due to limited coverage.

  • What are the things that I need to bring for trekking to Pinnacles?

    Proper hiking shoes, Torchlight, First aid kit and medication, Energy bars, Gloves, Raincoat, Insect repellent, Drinking water, Backpack / Rucksack
    FOR CAMP 5:
    Light Jacket, Sleeping bag / blanket, Towel & toiletries, Slippers / sandal, Powerbank / extra batteries, Cash, IC / Passport

  • What are the best shoes to wear for the Pinnacles climb?

    You can wear normal hiking shoes, or better yet, you can even use the "kampung adidas", which is cheap black rubber shoes.

  • How many ladders are they from Camp 5 to the Pinnacles?

    There are 17 ladders.

  • How is the sleeping condition in Camp 5?

    Camp 5 has basic facilities. Sleeping mat is provided, but you can also bring sleeping bag if you want to as blankets are not provided. You can use your towel as blanket. Mosquito net can be rented at RM20 per person.

  • Will there be drinking water at Camp 5?

    Yes, boiled drinking water is available at Camp 5.

  • What happen if I was unable to climb the PInnacles?

    If the guide decides that you cannot continue due to your fitness levels or conditions on the Pinnacles then you must comply. If you would like to opt out of climbing the Pinnacles, you can inform your guide.

  • Can I climb Pinnacles without a guide?

    NO! Climbing without a guide is strictly prohibited as The Pinnacles is a high risk activity.

  • Can I get a refund if I did not climb the Pinnacles even though I'm already in Camp 5?

    No refund will be given regardless of whether you opt out of the climb on your own or the guide decides that you are deemed unfit for the climb.

  • Can I get a refund if I cancel the Pinnacles tour?

    No refund will be given.

  • Is there any age restriction for the Pinnacles climb?

    Children below the age of 16 years old are not permitted to climb.

  • How many hours does it takes to climb the Pinnacles from Camp 5?

    It takes about 4-5 hours to reach the Pinnacles.